BMC pellets become the preferred choice for cabinet tops


With the rapid development of China's cabinet market, t […]

With the rapid development of China's cabinet market, the countertops that are supporting products for the cabinet industry are also being upgraded at an unprecedented rate. However, the development of the industry is gratifying, but it is not optimistic. As the current use of Chrysanthemum stone, quartz stone, and composite acrylic artificial stone countertops are widely used in the cabinet market, due to the low barriers to entry, many small, small workshop-like plants have poured into the market, resulting in artificial The quality of stone products is uneven, and there are a series of problems such as deformation, discoloration, cracking, blistering, fading, and loss of gloss on the countertops. The emergence of BMC's new composite material countertop completely breaks the low barrier of traditional industries and the mixed situation of high-strength, high hardness, impact resistance, anti-infiltration, high temperature resistance and light weight, etc., to become the future cabinet market countertops. A new generation of materials.

    Excellent impact resistance, high surface hardness

    Hit the artificial stone, quartz stone and BMC cabinet countertops with the same strength. At the same time, artificial stone, quartz stone and BMC composite cabinets were dropped at the same height. In this experiment, artificial stone and quartz stone appeared unexpectedly. Different degrees of cracking, crushing, etc., while the BMC countertops are still intact. The Mohs hardness of quartz stone is 7.5 degrees. After testing, the hardness of BMC cabinet surface is 3-5 times that of quartz stone, and it is more than 10 times of the hardness of artificial stone. It is much higher than the hardness of tools used in daily kitchens. Even if iron tools such as blade and wallpaper knife are not used, they can't be scratched or worn. This is the advantage that no other material can match.

    Good temperature resistance

    The surface of the BMC composite cabinet has a very high temperature resistance, and it is completely free of the temperature of 100°C boiling water, and the tabletop will not be damaged or leave any impression. BMC countertops can also withstand minus 50 degrees Celsius, the temperature of everyday life can not be hot, cracked.

    The surface is smooth but compact

    The surface of the BMC cabinet, compounded at a high pressure of 1,500 tons, has a dense, non-porous, non-absorbent surface that is easy to clean. Acid, oil, tea, alcohol, coffee, soft drinks, etc. will not leave any traces on the surface. At the same time, compared to artificial stone, quartz stone too bulky unavoidable nature, BMC cabinet countertops is a breakthrough in weight, due to its chopped glass fiber, unsaturated resin, MD filler and other major materials are light-weight materials The quality of finished products after processing also breaks the heavy weight of artificial stone countertops, which relieves many pressures in the handling, long-distance transportation and other aspects of the products in the post-processing process.

    Tabletop hygiene clean antibacterial

    The surface of the BMC composite cupboard is processed and shaped once to achieve seamless splicing. The surface of the material is dense, non-porous, and non-absorbent. The dirt and bacteria have no place to stay. The food can be directly contacted with the tabletop and has a good antibacterial effect.